weekly order update:

It's been a very productive couple months off from doing weekly online orders, and we've come to the decision that we're ready to ramp it up again. With returning, we decided to revamp some things that will save money, time, and brain energy! And believe you me, this mama needs all the extra brain energy she can spare!

We are discontinuing our online points program. We found it to be confusing for most, and the app worked was a total pain the ass. If you have points still, you are able to redeem them towards a coupon code through the site. If you need help redeeming or don't know if you even have points, shoot us an email and we'll get it settled for you!

We are discontinuing family sized meals, quart containers, and multi-sized packs for weekly orders. We don't sell that many family sized meals or quarts on a regular basis. Reducing larger sizes and multi-sized packs (like the 12pk of Joyfull Balls) means that we're not needing to order extra packaging that takes up space in the kitchen. We will make sure to have larger sizes for the Holiday menus, and you can always contact us about catering!

Aaaaaaand drumroll..... 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

We are replacing the rewards program and family sized meals and quarts with a more immediate perk- buy 6+ items off the menu, get 5% off.
 This discount is valid on meals, desserts, balls, overnight oats, soups, reusable bags, give a meals, etc. - as long as you add 6 or more to the cart, it'll show up. The discount will automatically apply at checkout! No need for a code or anything, but it cannot be combined with any other discount code. It's a far better deal for you, and waaay less work to maintain a rewards program on our end.

Deep Meadow Variety will still have their buy 20, get 1 free program for Joyfull Eats products. You can still find grab & go meals, overnight oats, and balls at Deep Meadow Variety as well.