our story & why

Our journey to eating whole food, plant-based began in the summer of 2017, after the stillbirth of our third daughter earlier that year. We watched Forks Over Knives and knew we needed to change what we were eating. 

 Here came our problem: We soon discovered that preparing and eating whole food, plant-based meals can be very overwhelming when you’ve got work, little kids, and have been eating meat and dairy your entire life! ​ 

We tried different meal services and restaurants, but found they were either seriously lacking flavor, were drenched in oil, or they were pretty damn expensive and impractical. ​ 

 I wanted to take the things that I have learned to help support and make your life a little less crazy. And at the same time, serve up food that gives you joy, and your body energy it needs. ​ 

Also, real talk for a minute. Us moms can really suck at taking care of ourselves. We've been conditioned to believe that we must be everything to everyone, always fill our cup to pour out for others (especially our kids), and put ourselves last because not doing so is selfish. We tend to make sure our kids are eating well rounded, healthy meals, while we drink lukewarm coffee and gnaw on the scraps our kids refused to eat. And I call bullshit. ​ 

 You deserve to feed yourself and be well. (rant over) ​ 

 I knew there had to be something better.
So I created Joyfull Eats. ​ 

Eating vegan/wfpb is not just eating salads and tofu.
For one, I think tofu is gross. There, I said it. It just is. Two, there is a mass abundance of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes out there for us to enjoy. No hidden ingredients, no weird ass ingredients you can't pronounce (except quinoa... a lot of us haven't nailed that one down yet), no secret agendas, just food that the earth provides.

Whether you’ve been plant-based for decades, vegan, vegetarian, have food allergies, or a meat & dairy lover- we all want to be able to eat food that tastes really damn good.
Joyfull Eats is my answer to that.

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random facts about chef carrie

• I love cooking and eating food and chain drinking iced coffee.  

• My husband and I have been married for 10 years and together for over 16 years!

• We are the parents of 4 daughters.  Let's be honest, our odds of ever having a boy are very low at this point.  ​

• I'm named after my great-grandmother and I take after my grandmother.

• I swear a decent amount and I'm very theatrical.  Some love it, others don't... and I'm ok with that. ​ 

• Dave Chappelle is one of my most favorite people on this planet.  He is the most real and hilarious comedian to ever exist.

• I love love love music.  Everything from Alan Jackson, to Biggie Smalls, to Incubus, to Styx, to Roy Rogers, to Backstreet Boys. 

• I hate velvet.  It's the devil's fabric. ​ 

• I've driven a zamboni by myself. It happened once 10 years ago, but it's one of my prouder moments.

• My favorite movie is a tie between O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Major Payne (Damon Wayans is a genius).

• Damn!  We're in a tight spot! 

• P.S. I'm a 7 on the Enneagram, and an extrovert.
I also talk a lot.  You may have noticed. :D

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