price adjustments have arrived.

My loves, there's no doubt that the cost of doing business is rising. ↗️⁣ Certain things are out of our control (it seems like a lot more lately 🤣), but what we can control is how and where we invest our time, money, and energy. With that said, I've got some things to share:⁣
Last week I was in a meeting with my fellow boss ladies and as we were talking about things in our businesses, it hit me that I have only been thinking about Joyfull Eats as a product based business. ⁣
Well, I had my "aha" moment realizing that while it is a product based business, it is also very much a service based business. The current price points do not align with amount of care, time, energy, love, training investments, cost of overhead, and sometimes full on stress and tears that I put into this.⁣
I don't think they ever have, but I was afraid. Afraid that I wasn't worthy to charge more and afraid that people wouldn't think the food was worth it. And that's on me; I am seeing that I've been just about killing myself to keep myself in that place of playing small. ⁣But, as I have learned, the only way this business will survive is for it to be fully in agreement with how I desire to live and express life. Plus, as I look at the prices of cigarette packs, plane tickets, and McDonald's meals, I see that we will pay for what brings us joy and what we believe in. I know I do.
So, moving forward, prices will be adjusted to align more with what we are: a scratch-made, wfpb vegan, allergen friendly, specialty meal prep service. This will also give me the ability to hire on a business manager to help me run this thing and be able to expand and produce at a more consistent level, allow us to offer delivery, and free me up to be able to teach more and offer more services while also be able to spend more time with my girls.⁣
We will also be phasing in compostable containers as we run out of plastic stuff. The amount of plastic we have been going through makes me cringe. We will also offer meal packs, which will allow you to save some money.⁣
If you've made it this far into this post, you are a freaking rockstar.
Tons of love & plants,