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Hey everyone!  Not how I wanted to finish out this year... but here we are! 😅
Due to possible covid exposure for one of our kiddos on Friday, I must close Christmas orders. On top of that I'm dealing with the loss of an employee due to an injury, and a family member injury... so we're on a bit of an overload over here.
If you already ordered for Christmas, you will receive an email from me today and be refunded.

As bummed as I am, this is the safest decision for everyone as we wait for PCR test results later on this week. Chances of a positive result are slim (mostly outdoor school, masked inside, tons of covid precautions, she wasn't close to the classmate), but God forbid it is, I would rather allow you more time to find a replacement meal for your holiday.

And if we end up with negative results, this decision will give me a much needed breather to see what we need to do next now that we're back to just me and Frank a few hours a week. Currently the New Year's order (next week's menu) is also in limbo due to all of this, but I'll keep you posted.

If you would like to stock up on any goodies, there are items in the cooler at Deep Meadow Variety. All of it was made and stocked before the possible exposure, so you're good to go.

Also, pray for me. Or send wine. I don't even drink alcohol, but I could use some. 😂😬

Oh! and you can still purchase digital gift cards for 10% off through Christmas (and possibly New Year's Eve). No code needed, it'll automatically apply at checkout.

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