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watermelon salsa

watermelon salsa

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THE BEST!!!!! Trust me, just try it. You'll love it. 

ingredients: watermelon, red onion, jalapeno, cilantro, kosher salt

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley Paulli
Wow! Absolutely delicious!

I knew this had to be good bc it's Joyfull Eats! But WOW! I didn't know it would be THIS good. My family and I ate it all right up! I'm not a big fan of cilantro, but it was still really good even with it in there! The sweetness of the watermelon with the onions and hint of jalapenos... it's just WOW. Absolutely delicious!!

Linda Felch
Soooo Yummy and healthy

I eat this with tortilla chips. It's a salsa, right? But really the chips are only a vehicle to slow me down and get this yumminess into my mouth down to my belly. If I thought it was ok to eat salsa straight out of the container, I would. And if I thought it was ok to eat the whole container in one sitting by myself, I would. But it's not. right?

Gail Rossi
Watermelon Salsa

Amazing -